InfoComm is a premiere conference and trade show for the professional audiovisual and information communications industries. This year, Church Tech Leaders is partnering with InfoComm to bring you the House of Worship track where you can experience the show in a way that best serves you. Choose from the following sessions and events:

IS001     Best Practices for Leading Your Worship Production Team

Your team is growing and expanding. How do you keep up with continuing to grow and lead your production teams? What basic practices will help keep them on track and serving in a healthy manner? Hear ways to further develop your team and put some practical things in place to lead them and guide them.

IS004     Creating Consistency in Worship Production

Struggling with consistency in your church services? Mistakes and miscues happening more and more often in services? In this session, we will talk about ways to help create consistency with your weekend team. Learn from church experts on how make transitions smoother, the process simpler and overall communication better.

IS006     Lighting Your Worship Space: Do’s and Don’ts

Lighting can be the most powerful tool you use to create an ambiance and feel for your services. Hear church experts talk about the best practices, things you must do and things that you should avoid when designing and running lighting in a worship service.

IS009     When is Video Too Much in a Worship Service?

Are you using video in your services? It can be an amazing tool to enhance a church service experience. Background loops, IMAG, Announcement videos, sermon illustrations? When is there too much video? Hear from technical leaders who run services on a weekly basis about boundaries, guidelines and practical tips on when and when not to use video in your services.

IS023     How Do I Make My Church Sound Better?

Come hear tips and tricks on improving your overall mix on the weekends. We’ll discuss strategies from training your volunteers, to clear audio vision and tips on enhancing your sound system, to working with musicians to find common ground. It takes a team to make it sound better. You will gain practical insight to improve the sound of your services.

IS063     How to have Healthy Volunteers on Your Church Team

Come hear practical tips on keeping and maintaining your tech volunteers for the long term, from training to development to personal growth. It’s easy to give principals&38212;this session will also show you hands-on strategies you can do now to maintain and keep volunteers for the long term.

Register using code CTL17 to receive a free show floor pass and member pricing on the seminar and workshop package when registering for InfoComm 2017.

::: AfterHours at InfoComm :::

Wednesday, June 14 at 4:30
Orange County Convention Center
Room W314AB

Free food and beverage and networking opportunity for Church Tech Leaders.

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June 12, 2017
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